Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Sweet Conversation

So my littlest nephew Wyatt who just turned 3 (that I write a lot about...since I see him so much along with his mom who is my sister Karen and her husband Alan and their two other sons Ben and Ander) was talking to his mom (Karen) today while she was giving him a bath and as you read this...just remember this conversation was totally out of the blue...

Wyatt: You sad, Mommy?
Karen: I'm okay, Wyatt. 
Wyatt: You sad about Jason?
Karen: I am okay, Wyatt. I get sad about Jason and I miss him a lot, but I am doing okay.
Wyatt: Jason happy, Mom. Jason happy. Jason happy. Jason happy.
(Wyatt just kept repeating to his mom that Jason is happy...probably about 4 times.)
To me and my family, that conversation between Wy and his Mom means the world. When Karen called and told me what Wyatt had said to her, I just couldn't help feeling how thin the veil is to sweet, little, innocent children on this earth. I KNOW that Wy has seen Jason since he passed on. No question. And more than a few times...just from how Wy-Wy has acted and talked about Jason these past 3 months. And for him to want to share with his mom that Jason is okay just brought tears to my eyes and reminds me of how close Wy is to Jason and what he is doing. For Wy to share that with his mom just was the sweetest thing and touched my heart so profoundly. We miss our Jason terribly at times...but through the words and thoughts of a little 3 year old, we are reminded that Jason is okay. It was a sweet and touching conversation. 


Laura said...

How wonderful to have such sweet reminders of how life goes on and we remain connected.

Marilyn said...

First a comment about your July 4th. You really put us to shame with all that you did. WE are lazy. If you like balloons, you should go to Albuquerque, every Oct they have a Balloon Fiesta with over 700 balloons. Now about Wy and Jason...I didn't know Jason, but I know that he IS happy because now he is in a place full of love and he is free from his addiction. God freely forgives people with such an illness and I have no doubt that Jason is doing great.

Lori Sume said...

700 balloons!!!!! so cool! i need to go there. thanks to all for your words of support. i know Jase is okay. I just miss him a lot at times. I know i will always feel that way. i am just amazed that a little 3 year old told my sister that message. wow. that really humbled me. and amazed me.

Jenn said...

What a sweet story about your nephew. The Veil is truly thin. That is so precious that your darling little Wyatt is so close and in tune. I know it must be so hard to go on without your brother, but what a blessing that you keep getting little messages of comfort.
I miss seeing you! I've got to get back to the temple on Thursdays again!

Heather said...

That is so beautiful! I agree 100% that the veil is thin for kids-- thank goodness they share what they know, huh?! I love it!

Christine said...

What a wonderful story. And now you'll always be able to remember it!