Friday, April 1, 2011

A Little, Tiny Brain...

So my sister-in-law got a pomeranian puppy. Her name is Lola Bella. She is just teeny. Like 5 inches long. My 4 year old nephew saw her and told us,"Lola Bella has a tiny head." And he then added," And she has a little, tiny brain." And then later he proceeded to tell us that we all had little tiny brains. Haha.
From the back of her she looks like a little kitten. Because of her pointy ears. Such a funny little thing.

We are happy to welcome her into the family. And hopefully won't step on her. ; ) She is teeny and very quiet. Though we have heard her growl a couple of times. A tiny little growl.

And the weather today is magnificant!!!! Perfect...sunny...and warm! Love it!


The Tregeagles said...

Adorable! Hope you're well Lori and enjoying this new sunshine.

Jennifer Taylor said...

Oh my goodness. She is teeeeeeny. And she must have a teeny brain.