Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nothing Better...

...than playing Trampoline Volleyball with some nephews? So fun. The boys were on the trampoline and I was on the lawn. I had to hit the soft, bouncy ball over the trampoline netting walls onto the trampoline. And the 3 boys (well, mostly the two older ones) hit it back out to me. It was extra fun when we were able to volley it back and forth a few times. Lots of laughing going on. Great exercise and fresh air.

I will have to go do that again. I like our new made up sport.

Happy Saturday! (It finally snowed overnight. Just a teensy bit but it jolted me into reality that, oh yeah, it is Winter. I had forgotten with all the sunny, semi-warm days I have been enjoying. Haven't minded the dry roads one bit though.)


missy said...

Love your new game! Our weather sounds similar. We're used to about 6º this time of year, but yesterday it was 60º. We had a great time at the park. :)

Susan said...

Great new game! I glad you have fun!!