Monday, September 28, 2009

#4 and Happy Monday!

This little sketch is called "Boy at Fence".
I think he is waving to someone with his hat. That is what I picture. Just a sweet image of a little boy in the summer time.
And happy Monday! I was not excited to get up this morning nor to drive into work. I wanted to sleep in. Probably because I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to this weekend. But I did accomplish some things. So all is not lost. ; ) And who knows what I can accomplish this week!


Laura said...

That is a sweet little picture. Have a happy week!

Jennifer Taylor said...

That is a cute drawing.

Julie Baldwin said...

I understand completely. Why is it that the list of things to do is always way longer than it is humanly possible to complete. Devin reminds me all the time that even if I cross off one thing then it is ok.