Monday, September 14, 2009

Standing up for my Sister

So my cute sister Karen was driving around her town looking for a Kinkos. She and her family have only lived there for a little over a year. She had no reason to look for Kinkos till today. So she is driving around in the area it is supposed to be... and she comes upon a Sherwin Williams paint store. She pulls in there so that she can turn around and keep going to her destination. Just before she pulls in, a Sherwin Willams truck pulls in. So Karen follows him in to the parkinglot. All of a sudden- WITHOUT HIM LOOKING BACK AT ALL- he starts to back up so that he can back into his parking space. Hello! I am mad for her even though she was pretty upset about it. So luckily SHE WAS PAYING ATTENTION so she could slow and back away from him. Of course her poor heart was pumping hard and she got out of the car and waited for him to get out of his truck. He finally had seen her and I think he was embarrassed because he pretended to ignore her. Finally he got out and my sister explained that she was sorry to have been in his way but that it would have been nice if he had looked back. He put it all on her shoulders and just laughed in her face and said something about "women drivers'. Karen kind of blew it off and was just frustrated with the guy. Not only because he wouldn't apologize but that he made it into a joke against her. But as she was getting back in her car, another Sherwin Williams employee was coming out of the store- a guy. And he looked over at her and laughed. The dorky guy who almost hit my sister's car probably can't even get it through his thick skull that he could have hit my sister's car and then it would have been his fault. Anyway it bugs me that some guys, not my guy friends of course, are so thick-headed and also cause a lot of accidents on the road because they are such "amazing" drivers and everyone else is stupid. And that women drivers apparently should not be on the road. Yeah- we don't want to be when there are dumb men drivers taking dumb risks and need Driver's Ed 101 as a monthly class! Anyway- I told my sister that we are boycotting Sherwyn Williams Paint store from now on. I mean, talk about very inappropriate of that guy.
I am proud to rant about this today for the main reason that this guy was in the wrong and put it on her and made her feel badly. How dare he!


Jared and Ché said...

What a jerk!

Laura said...

Way to stand up for Karen! And boo hiss on the SW guy. Stinker.

Andrea said...

That makes me mad. I would write a letter. Not only was the guy not paying attention, he shouldn't be so inappropriate (especially on company time).

Julie Baldwin said...

I wish I had your e-mail address or phone number. I just got a peach delivery from one of the nicest people I know...YOU!!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much!!!!!
John was cute, he told me that I should make a peach smoothy right now.
You are the best!!!!!! We would love to come by and visit with you. Let us know when is a good time. We'd love to just chat with you.