Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amazed and Thankful and Excited

Giftware design company, GAMA-GO, and letterpress stationer, Hello! Lucky, have come together to support the ongoing relief efforts in Japan, and their collaboration has produced this wonderful, limited edition Japand-aid print, available through the GAMA-GO website.

AMAZED: It is wonderful to see this country's amazing people in the face of this awful disaster. Wonderful in that they have such class and respect for each other amidst the tragedy.

THANKFUL: Happy Thursday. Be thankful for everyone around you. Be thankful for good health. Be thankful for Spring. Remembering all that I have and being thankful for it all tends to come quite easily. I feel very blessed.

EXCITED: And a plug for the BYU Cougars on their continuing quest in the NCAA!!!!! Tonight at 5:25pm! Go Cougs!!!! I will be rooting for you! Beat those Floridians!

(I should have at least worn blue today! HELLO!)

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