Monday, March 28, 2011

Not Happy...

I am losing my amazing secretary in YW. They are moving. So I am not least for myself. But I am happy for them with their new adventure. (Moving to Texas for a job.)
Sigh. I will miss her organization skills and just generally not letting the girls get away with things... ; ) Don't get me wrong...they are great girls...but sometimes we have to remind them of how they need to be acting in certain circumstances. Plus my soon-to-be-ex-secretary is so fun!

I will miss you, Kattie! (Yep- correct spelling on her name.)

I made a going away card for her that we will give her this week.

(And can I just tell you...I am SO sleepy today. Y A W N!)


Kari said...

Hey so are you losing a bishopric member, too, then? I bet they were a great addition to the ward

Lori said...

yes we are losing a bishopric member too. not that i should be guessing but i think Jim Stritikus would be amazing! just my thoughts.

it is snowing right now. spring in utah.

missy said...

Oh, it's so hard to lose a member of a great presidency, but now someone else will get the fun of working with you! (Everyone is probably waiting their turn to get a shot at that...especially since you make the most adorable personalized cards!) Good luck with the change.