Friday, June 17, 2011

Bicycles...and Sharks

So I don't have a photo but there are these two women who for the last two mornings have been riding their bicycles (no, not motorcycles!) and taking a whole lane on the road...where cars drive. Hello! Granted it is earlier in the morning with not that much traffic but it is very odd to me that I have to switch lanes and drive around them. Something is wrong with this. But after talking to a couple of co-workers, I guess it is legal...I just figured that people on bicycles would want to stay away from cars. Oh well. Makes my commute entertaining?

Oh, and driving home the other day, I was almost at my exit, when a police car started following me. Eek! The really freaky thing was that he followed me off the freeway and even up the hill for a ways. Finally he turned off. I think my heart rate finally went back to normal. Luckily I wasn't being a speed demon on the freeway but it still freaked me. They are kind of like sharks on the road to me—silent and creepy... though I would have been happy to have a "shark" around these last two mornings with those women taking over a lane on the road. Haha.

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has great things happen for them.

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missy said...

I hate when cops follow me. It always makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong...especially when (twice) I was being followed and I decided I was doing nothing wrong so I started to relax just as they turned on their lights. Argh!! One was for no front license plate (whatever) and the other was for a burnt-out headlamp. I've been paranoid ever since!