Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home is so Amazing!

Just got home from YW Girls Camp. Can we say "exhausted"? The girls had a great time and I did too but the last two days wore me out. A little sunburned. A little tired of reminding the girls to pick up after themselves. And quite dusty and dirty. Oh, and totally changing my diet into white flour refined foods with little to no veggies/salads for a week just about did me in... if you know me...but all in all it was a good week for the girls. And that was the purpose.

Yay for hot water, A/C, and my bed!!!!!!

And a nap! ; )


missy said...

Hooray for your own bed. :)

Glad you had fun at girls camp. Ours is coming up Aug. 1. I just found out today that I don't have to go. Is it bad that I'm really happy about that? We only have 6 girls going and there are 2 camp leaders from our ward. I'll go up for one day, but I'm happy to skip the horrid August humidity and heat day in and day out without A/C. I'll find other ways to bond with the girls... :)

Lori said...

Nope. Not horrible that you are happy not to go, Missy. Personally I would have done better with having a 3 day camp. But the YW enjoyed it so that is good.