Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crack Up!

Charles Dicken's 200th birthday on Google today. Pretty fun illustration!

Now to explain the Crack Up title of this blog entry...

My 5 year old nephew cracks me up. There is a thing called Family Home Evening (FHE) on Monday nights for our church. Families come up with a little lesson/activity and then a treat etc for the evening. Just a short little family get together. Well, Wy Wy, the 5 year old, was in charge last night. Funny. He even drew pictures for it and talked about how Jesus heals people. He even had an agenda and told stories and asked questions. His Dad answered one of his questions (which my sister said later to her husband that he answered it really well.) But after my brother-in-law's response, Wy said to him, "That is good, Daddy. Now moving on..." Funny! My sister said it was a hilarious evening. This little 5 year old being in control was just what he liked doing. No qualms at all.

He also has come up with a story about a "not help" hospital. Where they poke you and aren't very nice. He does not like getting allergy scratches done on his back so I can see why he has thought of this. Cute little guy.

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