Monday, February 6, 2012

Wow- What a Weekend!

Talk about a crazy, busy weekend! But it was fun too!

Met a couple of guy friends for lunch on Friday at Cafe Rio. Yum! Then ran errands.

Then off to dinner with some other friends and then we went to the BYU Men's Volleyball game against Stanford. Fun game. Sad that BYU lost though. Considering they are SO amazing but their lead scorer was out with a broken hand. But still a fun night.

Then off to a Regional Camp meeting for 3 hours on Saturday morning. (And I even skipped out a little early from it.) Elaine Dalton, General YW President, spoke. So nice of her to come. It really added to the spirit of the meeting.

Then home to work on my YW lesson and to put together our New Beginnings program for Wednesday night. (Yep in two days!)

Then off again to another dinner with some other friends at Rubio's on Saturday night.

This JOY image is the handout I made for the girls for my Sunday lesson. Sorry about the blurry. Anyway the lesson was on finding true joy. Put JESUS CHRIST first by serving OTHERS and then YOU will find joy. I wrapped my little artwork, below, around almond joy bars.
And I taped the bars with tape under each of their chairs before they came in for the lesson. Hehe. At the end of my lesson I explained the JOY idea and then told them that I can't give them joy, but that they need to find it for themselves. I told them that I had some joy for them as close to them as I could get it to them. They finally figured out that it was under their chairs. Hehe.

Here is my nephew below with his Mario drawing.
He drew all four sides of Mario and taped him together. ( I loved the side view pictures. As they were quite a bit smaller and shorter than the front and back views.) He even did a view of the top of Mario's head. My bro-in-law asked him how he did that. He replied, "I looked it up on Gooooogle." We all couldn't help laughing a little. Mostly in surprise. We really doubt he knows how to search for something on the computer. It was so cute. Not to mention he is quite cute!!!
So my sister did Sharing Time on Sunday for Primary. The lesson was on choosing the right. So she made a cardboard creation, of which she is quite famous in our family for doing many cardboard creations for their 3 sons. Noah's Ark was a hit with the Junior Primary. She had a bunch of animals printed out from the computer and each child had a chance to say what they can do to choose the right and then got to place an animal in the ark. It was so great. My clever sister.
Here is the front view.
So that was my weekend. Oh, and my lesson went OK. Always grateful for that.

Now it is back to work.


missy said...

We have our New Beginnings on Wednesday night as well. :) My counselor put it all together and I'm happy as can be about that! Hooray for good counselors!!! Best of luck with yours. Love your handout and your sister's ark. Such a creative/talented family!!

Jennifer said...

That was a busy weekend! I was sooooo happy to get together on Saturday. It is good for my soul to have such wonderful friends. Any chance I could bum the JOY handout from you? We aren't too that lesson yet, since we've already had a few "special" lessons this year.