Friday, April 27, 2012

Grateful Me!

Yep- today is my birthday. Fun birthday presents and a card. Thanks to my sister Deb for the Angry Birds wrist band! Love that.

Thanks also, Deb, for the cool red box and the zebra box too.

 Thanks to my co-worker people for the cute card. I will post the poem below.

And thanks to Kathy for the ampersand and Paula for the retro pink timer and Holly for the cool designed recipe box and recipe cards.

Here is the poem, written by Kathy-a fellow illustrator at work.

(This poem was inside the birthday card above.) And then I got to read lots of sweet comments in the card from all my co-workers. 

Happy Birthday Wishes to Sumebody Special.
An Ode to Sumeone
Sume people are funny,
Sume people are smart,
Sume people have talent
And really know art.

Sume people have names
With a silent "e" ending.
Sume people are thoughtful
And great at befriending.

Sume people are healthy
And ne'er make a mess,
And on every Thursday
Sume come in a dress.

Sume people work hard
And do more than their share.
Sume people are tallish
With blonde sexy hair.

Sume people have come here
From Canada (eh),
So Sume people have
Funny words that they say!
(Like "mum" and "hoe-se"
And "soe-rry"!)

Sume people go here
And Sume people go there, 
But you're the best Sumeone
We'd find anywhere.

And Dani at work brought in a relish tray with veggies and hummus and different dips and chips. PERFECT food for me! And then I got to go to lunch with Dwane, Ann, Mike, Larry, Holly, Paula, and Kathy. What a wonderful "day before my birthday" day! 

And of course my friend Sherry gave me my new bright blue Saucony shoes. Woohoo!
Lucky Me!

(Kind of a tough day for me yesterday. 6 months since my mom passed away. Glad I could have comfort in the temple as I was working my temple shift last night.)


Nancy and Spencer said...

That poem was so perfect and awesome!

missy said...

Happy Birthday!! What fun and clever gifts. Love the poem. I'm glad you've had a great day! I hope this is your best year so far!!! :)