Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Beautiful Day Outside

Such a pretty day. I had dental work yesterday and the continuation of it this morning. I was worn out. So as I would have to take another half day off for my dental visit this morning, I decided to take the whole day off instead.

So nice. I got some errands run, some plumbing fixed in my home, made an appointment to get much needed contacts, and enjoyed the Spring sunshine...as did a beautiful monarch butterfly. I was outside visiting with the plumber and his 5 year old son and this amazing butterfly floated right near us in the warm Spring air. It kept circling around us and past us and lighted on one of my bushes a couple of times. Each time, little Kaden could barely reach but he reached up and touched the very edge of the butterfly. She didn't seem to mind because she didn't fly off right away. It was really amazing.

I think the butterfly was my Mom. Or at least she sent the butterfly. I like to think that.

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dana said...

My mom sends bluebirds! At least that's what I like to think!