Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Good Day

It was a sweet day today. All of my siblings and their families all got together today for dinner. 
My sweet sister in law Jerri and brother Gary gave me and each of my sisters a gerber daisy plant. I chose a pale pink one.

Then Che' and Jared and Fin gave me an Aunt Mother's Day card. How sweet.

Then they also gave me a birthday card. And a cute pink pig box of tissue and also two very cute Mickey Mouse Disneyland bowls.  They are so sweet to do that.

And then my brother's family gave me a Disneyland Mickey Mouse oven mitt. And an itunes gift card!  So sweet of them.

And here are the Mickey Mouse bowls again. So cute.

And then as a big group we all went to our sweet Mom's grave for the first time. She has been gone for just over 6 months but we just couldn't do it on our own. So we went as a big group of siblings and families. Oh, how we love and miss our sweet Mom! Love you, Mom and thinking of you a lot on this day. Thank you for being the perfect Mom for me and I am so grateful we are sealed as a family for eternity.

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