Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Big Apple...My trip for work...and fun!

So I got to go to New York City again for work (the last time I did this was 3 years ago) and we had a great time looking for ideas for stamp sets in shops and the National Card Show at the Javitz Center. We walked all over, took the subway all over, took taxis, and generally just had a good time.

These are the elevators in our hotel. Yes they kind of looked like alien ships. This was looking up from the 8th floor. The desk where you check in and out is the 8th floor. Then to get to the street you go to the first floor.

This is the view out my hotel room. I was on the 35th floor of the Marriott Marquis on Times Square. Yes, I could see into offices across from me. One office had a big Spongebob Squarepants sitting by his window. Funny.

This is to the left when I looked out my hotel room window.

View of my hotel room to the right. You can see the river.

I am not a huge hot dog fan but I just had to have a New York hotdog...Yum yum...

Me at Madison Square Garden. Okay...

 A person dressed up as the Statue of Liberty. He covered his face...he wanted money to get his picture taken. Makes sense...

A New York pigeon...I wonder if he is friendly...

Here is the Statue of Liberty, lego style. 

This is in Toys R Us too. Huge dinosaur that was electronically animated. And it growled.

A life-size Barbie house in Toys R Us..Yes, Lana and Lissa, two of my nieces loved this. I sent them the photo from my phone. I guess Barbie is the big 50 now. 

One of our stops was at the MOMA gift shop. (No, we didn't make it to the MOMA. Too bad!) Oh, it stands for Museum of Modern Art. Cool chandelier display all made out of paper. 

We took the subway quite a lot. This is when we were going to Union Square...obviously.

Finally after 3 years of hearing about Wicked, I got to see the play in New York City! At the Gershwin Theater. So great! I love the music and now it is fun to know who is singing what songs.

Yes- we saw the play Wicked! This is the stage. The only picture I was able to take. As you can see we sat up quite high. But it was still an amazing production. The play was so great and their voices were all amazing. Glinda the good witch stole the show. Loved it! 

We went to Max Brenner for dinner in the Union Square area. It is known for its chocolate...Yes, I know it was wasted on me... but the food was pretty good. We went there twice. The 2nd time was an 11pm visit after we saw Wicked. I got garlic mashed potatoes the 2nd time. Yum!

Here is Union Square Park. Pretty little park.

Apparently Union Square Park has a lot of demonstrations. This one was a peaceful one. We were told this by the Brooklyn cop. There was another demonstration going on next to them where a guy was being really loud. 

The Brooklyn cop who talked with us is the tall one in the middle in the blue. Very strong accent. All the accents are so fun! My favorite part of the trip. All the different people. The statue is of George Washington.

Apparently Union Square Park has the friendliest squirrels... We were told by the Brooklyn cop.

Exciting to be able to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. So much to see! And be amazed at.

Amazing detail the Egyptians created. I love the design.

Ah, Rembrandt. 

Beautiful Vermeer painting. I remember it from my Humanities text book. Amazing to see it in real life.

Another beautiful statue. This is of a boy. Girls would be jealous of those curls!

So soft and pretty. Amazing to me that it is marble. And that someone chiseled it all into a beautiful face.

I love this plaque. Amazing all the detail! 
It was a good trip. But I am also glad to be home. Next time I go to New York, I want to go strictly for fun... though having work pay for my room and board was a huge plus!

I also was around a lot of French people. I love their accents. So fun. 


Robb said...

Amazing trip, Lori! Thank you so much for writing it up and for allnghe photos.

Julie Baldwin said...

Someday I'll go to New York. And someday I'll see Wicked. AH...SOMEDAY! Someday is going to be really fun.

esealand said...

Loved reading about your trip and seeing the photos. What a great opportunity.

Jared and Ché said...

We loved hearing about your trip!! Glad to have you home!

Christine said...

I love NYC, but I would never want to live there. Seeing all your photos reminded me of all the trips I took there back in my single days. Even stayed at the same Marriott you did one time. Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

Your trip looks like it was amazing! Glad you had a great time and I hope you can go back again soon! :-)

Rynele said...

Looks like you had a blast! Dave and I would love to go someday. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and for showing us what fun you had in NYC.

Dave and Tanya said...

Sounds fun! I'm jealous you got to see Wicked.