Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Decade Has Begun...

Wow- a new decade is beginning!
This past decade has flown by it seems. Many big things happened within this decade:
1) A sister of mine, Deb, got married just before the decade. And a little while back I gained 2 new nieces and a new nephew from Ethiopia. They fit right into our family and we feel so blessed.
2) And at the beginning of the decade another sister, Karen, got married. (It was a strange time...feeling so happy for them but also feeling at a loss too realizing that their lives were progressing with their eternal companions but I felt like I had, in a way, lost my two best friends and that my life was just at a standstill.) I have since realized that my life is still progressing, and I have not lost my two best friends, but just in a different way than I had not planned. But it is all good. And I am growing so much. Karen and her husband had 3 adorable boys. What fun they have brought into our family.
3) I lost a job (laid off) I worked at Novell (9 years ago)...which was such a hard thing to have to let go of for me. It totally turned my life upside down. I had to start over in a way with my career. The hardest part was having to leave some very close friends of mine. I keep in touch but in some ways it has never been the same for me. I was very lucky to have that situation. Very dear friends to me.
4) Sadly realizing that my heart was in a place I thought someone else's heart was and finding that his wasn't (another extremely difficult time...probably the hardest situation and mix of emotions I have gone through...but I also know that my Heavenly Father has a plan for me and I have grown because of it and become stronger). And I have realized since that this guy was not right for me. Time made me realize that. So it is all good but also still a little hard on my heart. The saddest is that we aren't even friends anymore. (We used to talk ALL the time.)
5) Having the opportunity to be humbled for 2 years as I learned that I could make it on my own for 2 years without a job. I learned many lessons and realized many things. And did a lot of freelance.
6) Opening up an amazing world of being an ordinance worker at Mt Timpanogos Temple. I have learned so much there and it has truly humbled me and reminds me weekly of all that I need to improve on. For how much I have to improve each day, I am grateful that I am allowed to serve there every Thursday night. Plus I have been lucky enough to know some truly amazing co-workers there. They teach me new things every week.
7) Being able to work at Thanksgiving Point for 2 years. I got to work with such fun people. Mark, Johnj, and Fer. Along with other great people. What a fun time.
8) And then 5 years ago having the opportunity to grow even more at Stampin' Up where I have been challenged even more so and have been able to expand my drawing and design skills. And have gotten to meet and get to know such amazing people. It took me a good year to get into the swing of things there and to finally fit in there with the way they create stamp sets there but I am learning more and more each day there. I am thankful for kind and caring friends who work there.
9) I also had a huge shock in my life this past year with losing my brother Jason. But as earlier posts indicate, I am doing okay and I know he is doing okay. But it has been a very hard past 9 months. His disease was a really hard thing on our family...daily. But losing him was the hardest. I know in some ways that I have changed because of it. 3 more months till we get to do his temple work. I KNOW he will be there.
10) I have also had many great little things happen this past 10 years:
I just paid off my car. (Yay!)
I have learned a lot of lessons through different experiences.
I am slowly turning into the person I hope to be someday...(this is ongoing and I have a feeling it will take forever ; )
And the fact that I know that my family and friends are always here for me.

Thankyou, Decade! Thanks for teaching me so many lessons in my life. I didn't like some of them at the time...lots of tears have been shed...but I also know that it is the plan for me. Onward to a new decade. Full of great possibilities in my life.
I better go take down my Christmas decor.


Paula said...

Wow! Totally cool retrospective on the decade. I'm so glad I could be a part of the second half and forward! PS: congrats on paying off the car. You inspire me.

The Tregeagles said...

What a great post idea, think I'll copy you. Smarty!

Mark Peterson said...

Nice recap Lori. Has it really been that long. So glad to have been a part of your life through some of this. Here is to another 10.

Jen said...

You've had an amazing 10 years! I'm so glad you worked at TP so I could be blessed to know you!

Heather said...

I loved reading your looking back on the last ten years. You are so positive and I love how you see the divine hand in your life. Beautiful!