Friday, January 8, 2010

One of My Thursday Night Friends

So, having the privilege of working at the Mt Timp Temple on Thursday nights, I am able to interact with such amazing people on my temple shift. One of the many is this sweet sister named Velma. Velma told me back in November that her cute husband, Richard, used to make all the family birthday cards. He would load in photos of the kids or grandkids into a card format and each birthday was fun and personal for each family member. He, sadly, had a lot of health issues at the beginning of 2009 that continued through the year and back in May (I think) he passed away. I always told him that he had to get better and come back to work on our shift. Just such a sweet man. We all miss him so much. I used to tease him that he needed to eat more vegetables. It was just fun to see them both there at the temple each Thursday.
So Velma told me of her dilemma that she was basically computer illiterate. She asked me if I could put something together for her to give her kids and grandkids to keep the tradition going. So I asked if I could take her picture to use. So this is what I came up with. Just a generic card for her to get printed. I did a full color version too...which she wants to use...but it wasn't my favorite. Just not enough contrast. I liked this this is the version I posted. Anyway, it was no big deal to do it for her. I am just glad that I can help her out. She and her husband are such sweet and kind people. And I know that Richard is at the temple with us on Thursday nights. She has an amazing angel watching over her. Richard, I hope you like the drawing of your sweet wife.

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Laura said...

What a sweet thing!