Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Boring Blogger as of late

Yes- my life is boring right now. So I haven't been blogging as regularly. And I have been busy. If you only knew my schedule this week! Work and something every night. Crazy. But it is all good.

It was supposed to snow last night. And did in some areas. But not in my area. Yay! Though I was not an appreciater of the wind this morning. We have this area just where you slide your employee card to get into my work building. It looks like it would be an area that would protect you from the elements...but oh, no! My hair honestly flew straight up above my head in a big gust of wind as I ran to swipe my card. That is just not right I say! ; ) Good thing my hair is securely fastened on my head! Phew!

Anyway, I am comfy now with no hair blowing up. So I am good.

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