Thursday, March 22, 2012

Piano Anyone?

So my sister tells me this morning that last night her oldest, who is 10, has a talent show at school today. She asks him what he is going to do. She suggested that he tell a few jokes. He told her that he had his talent all figured out. There is a song he hums along to from a video game he likes. He tells her he has decided to sing the song and also play the piano.

That is all great you might say...but the big problem is that he doesn't play the piano. Never has. My sister reminds him of that. And this is what he says,"But Mom, it doesn't look hard to play the piano. I think I can do it." My sister lets him know that it is a little more difficult than he might think. So she suggests him playing the harmonica. (He has played that.)

She tells him to go practice about 20 times and then come upstairs. She said he came upstairs, after he practiced, and she said he sounded good. And felt good about that. Apparently his 8 year brother agreed and added, "Hey, Ben, you are really good at the harmonica. I bet if you wanted you could do it with the piano at school."

My sister again implored Ben to try to stick with the harmonica. I will wait to see what happened at the school talent show... ; )

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missy said...

Oh to be a fly on the wall at that school talent show! I'm sure it was great! I love his confidence. :)