Thursday, March 29, 2012

"It's a Wacky World" YW/YM Dinner

So our YW/YM had a "It's a Wacky World" Dinner. The whole idea was to remind the youth that even though sometimes the world and it's ways are confusing, that we have the foundation of the gospel and that we need to follow what we know is right. And to try to ignore the confusion...the noise around us...and that sometimes choices we make aren't the best but that we can keep on moving forward...etc. We made up the mystery menus and had the youth sign up a week before so we knew what food to buy. The YW were in charge and did a lot of work to pull this off. In fact we were at the church an hour and a half before the activity started to set everything up.

We chose menu items and gave them wacky names so no one really knew what they were choosing. Like for example- the two main dishes were lion and shark. Lion was pancakes. And shark was chicken alfredo. Side dish examples were bacon, broccoli, green beans, fries, etc. They all got a salad and the toppings choices were licorice pieces, m&ms, grated cheese, tomatoes, grated carrots etc. The dessert was ice cream but the toppings were bacon bits or cool whip. Ice cream with bacon bits...yum? And then the paper cups- with 3 choices of beverages- had holes poked in them so you could only hold so much liquid in your cup. But the best were the utensils... yes, we all grabbed odd utensils from our houses. Spatulas, wire whisks, an orange peeler, huge serving spoons, a pie server, etc.

We had people sit where their name cards were. Here is mine. Though we YW leaders were in the kitchen the whole time.
Here are some of the youth and leaders...attempting to eat.
And yes- some of the salad toppings are shown here...just depended on the two topping choices that they selected. Grated carrots and marshmallows anyone? Oh yes...m&ms and grated carrots! Colorful! Or licorice and m&ms with some lettuce?
Whisking away your food?
Oh yum...pancakes and broccoli? Great combo!
Funnel o' food! Yes, Jordan ate all his meal stuffing his food into his funnel.
A spatula at least can cut some of the food...Our newest Beehive Maddie probably wondering what she got herself into joining this crazy youth program! ; ) (And hello, Drue, up in the corner of the photo...)
Oh yes, that funnel was used!
It was a great evening. Lots of laughing and fun. They all got a lot of food and I think everyone had a lot of fun. We certainly thought it was entertaining!

Way to go YW leaders for all the prep work and the YW class presidents! You did a ton of work to put this all together.

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The Kammeyers said...

What a fun idea for an activity! I'm the YW Personal Progress Leader for our ward, and I just love working with the YW. I may have to pass this fun idea on to our President. :) Feel free to keep the YW ideas coming! (Especially anything related to Personal Progress). ;)

Happy Conference Weekend, Lori! Hope you're doing well!