Thursday, February 24, 2011

Can it come soon?

Spring, that is. Not tonight and tomorrow apparently...with snow in the forecast. But hopefully soon? But KSL is certainly confused this morning... Check out the 140 degrees! Sounds more like Arizona or something. And it is overcast! ; )
And a few minutes later it shows the temp at 86 degrees and still overcast. This is making me laugh. Especially because it is really only about 36 degrees right now. Hey, weather people- wake up over at KSL! Though I am appreciating this and laughing.

I think the dragonflies would appreciate the warm weather that KSL is reporting...
Happy Thursday! I hope it is a good one!


Che' said...

That is pretty funny!!

missy said...

I wish our weatherman would forecast 86º. The 140º isn't so good, though. We've got yet another snow day today, but the roads were fine once the sun came out. Hurry Spring!

Jan said...

I saw that same thing and tried to post it to my blog, but I could not make it come through. (Good job figuring it out...) I thought that 140 temp was so funny! What a record!

I can't wait for spring either!