Thursday, February 10, 2011

The new Beehives have been welcomed!

New Beginnings went well last night, I thought. Again, I did not take photos... probably because the whole night I was making sure everyone was moving from station to station. And I had to speak at the beginning and the end. So just a lot going on.

I hope the new Beehives had a fun time. And I hope they got a good overall idea of the YW program. They are sweet girls. Starting a new phase of their lives.

And...HaPpY bIrThDaY to my cute twin nieces Lana and Lissa! They are 12 today. (New Beehives! but not in my ward.)


missy said...
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missy said...

Sorry! I had a big typo in my last entry. As I was saying...

I'm so glad your evening went well! I'll bet you're breathing a big sigh of relief to have that behind you. If your life is anything like mine, now it's onto the next big project. :)