Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy bday, Jase!

Jason's birthday is today. We miss him a ton. It is a rainy day today (an Eeyore day as I call rainy days)...but it is also appropriate that it is raining on his birthday. We are pretending it is gray and rainy out because Jason is sad he can't be with us...though I think he is near us a lot more than we think. Love you, Bumper! I will always miss you.

Here is Jason's daughter holding the balloons that we attached little birthday notes to for Jason. We, of course, included a birthday balloon into the bunch. I chose the yellow one with white polka dots. I like to send him a happy yellow balloon from me.
And we let those balloons loose into the gray sky. Grab them, Jase!
We miss you. Hope you had a nice birthday. (And I hope you are okay that we ate chicken wings since you always loved them.)

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