Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Didn't Realize

...that I would cause such a ruckus (of sorts) when I decided to take yesterday off because a lot of snow was forecasted for the town I live in especially (we got 8 inches!). A couple of people approached me and commented on my missing work yesterday. That made me feel weird. Yes I did say I was a snow whoos of sorts...but for people to comment and wonder why I am afraid of the snow (when I am not other than I don't like to slide!) really made me rethink me speaking some of my thoughts out loud anymore. Lately, even if a few snow flakes are falling, my boss says I should head home. And I know she is doing it out of kindness and safety for me but it makes me feel embarrassed.
Call me nutty- but if I have a choice I would rather not traverse point of the mountain as cars are slipping off the road.
But from now on, I will keep quiet about it. And still take off the occasional day off if I want to.

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