Monday, January 5, 2009

My 2009 Resolutions

1) To somehow stop the snow from falling so much this winter (okay, I was being funny but in a way it took me an hour and 20 minutes to drive home today over icy point of the mountain!) Too crazy.

2) Be kinder. Sometimes I can be overly crabby and I know it is out of personal frustrations I sometimes am feeling.

3) Really eat healthy. I know that I don't eat sugar-not a problem at all for me in that area...unless I am at a restaurant and the chef has secretly put some sugar into a recipe of that food I might purchase (which by the way, I would never add in the same recipe at home!) But I do know I need to eat more veggies. I love the fruits but am not so good at eating all the helpings of veggies I could. And I need to be better at drinking more water. That is all I drink but some days I don't drink enough. And grains of course. I think it is really important to eat healthy. I just feel so much better.

4) Exercise more regularly. Which I know having a treadmill during these winter months would fix that but I have to be careful with my money. As we all do. But I do have a means of exercising and I need to not find excuses as I have lately.

5) Read my scriptures more regularly and pray more regularly. I am sporadic at times. And I know  it would only make my life go smoother.

6) Enjoy each day more. Sometimes I take all that I have for granted for sure. I need to be better at really appreciating all that I have rather than moaning about what I don't have. Not that I moan though really. But I do know that I sometimes wish away days to get to a day I am looking forward to. But why not love today?

Thanks, Eden, for suggesting this. I needed to do this. I kind of did it in an earlier post but this is more official because my goals are numbered. Though they are not in any particular order. And I know there is more that I could add. But this is good for now.


Jen said...

Want to know something funny? When I think of all of these resolutions you made, I often think of you as an example of those things. Funny that you think you need to work on them when I look to you for my example.

Julie Baldwin said...

Great goals. I love this time of year and setting goals. I miss you!!!!

Lori said...

Jen that is hilarious! I have sooooo much to work on! Man, I can be crabby sometimes! That is my biggest problem I think.

And Julie, I miss you at the temple too---a lot. Good thing you have such a cute baby to look after and raise.

Eden said...

Resolutions--what a blast. Good for you for setting them. Good luck with the implementation.

Heather said...

What a great list! I need to borrow some of your great resolutions--they're great!