Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello Everybody!

So my 2 year old nephew has had to miss nursery for the last 4 or 5 weeks...due to a sniffly nose or a little cough. And everyone knows it is taboo to bring a child to nursery with those symptoms. Just not kind to spread colds around to the other kids.
So Wyatt was allowed to finally go to nursery yesterday. He was thrilled beyond belief. And waited as patiently as a 2 year old can wait through an hour of sacrament meeting...
The time finally came for him to go into nursery and as he entered through the doorway he announced to the other children and adults in the room, "Hello 'body!" Which translates to "Hello everybody!" He was just so thrilled to be there. Not sure what the other little nursery kids thought of him announcing his entrance. But for the next 2 hours of church, my sister and her husband kept being told how much everyone just loves little Wyatt. We love him too for sure but it is nice to hear that others do also. ; )
That Wyatt is a crack up for sure! He reminds us of his father who is pretty funny in his own right. 

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