Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some of my New Stamp Sets I drew...

And a list of the ones I did in the Stampin' Up Spring Summer 09 Catalog... down menu: Our Products/ Our Current Catalogs/ Spring Summer 09. Here is the link....

Wow, my stamp sets are on the cover!
Then here are all my stamp sets for this Catalog...enjoy...
1. p. 17 God's Beauty NEW, Comfort Food NEW
2. p. 21 Dream a Little NEW
3. p. 27 You and Moi
4. p.29 A Good Egg
5. p.30 Blooming with Love, Blooms and Bulbs
6. p. 31 Independence Day
7. p. 33 Holiday Blitz
8. p. 34 Spotlight on Christmas
9. A Holly Jolly Christmas (forgot page no.)
10. p. 38 A Big Birthday Candle
11. p. 44 It's a Stretch
12. p. 48 Pun Fun, See you Around
13. p. 56 God is Love, Love
14. p. 57 A Kind Word NEW
15. p. 59 Always in my thoughts
16. p. 60 Together Forever, Forever Flowers
17. p. 61 Special Blessing NEW
18. p. 63 That's Funny NEW, Hoppy for You NEW
19. p.66 Sock Monkey, Sock Monkey Accessories
20. p. 70 Life's a Breeze, Something Fishy
21. p. 71 Once Upon a Time NEW
22. p. 72 Man's Best Friend
23. p. 73 Teacher's Pet
24. p. 74 Just Soccer, Just Football, Just Basketball, Just Riding
25. p. 75 Just Surfing, Just Tennis, Just Baseball
26. p. 89 A Flower for all Seasons, Garden Whimsy
27. p. 92 Simple Friendship NEW
28. p. 99 Playful Petals NEW, Sweet Stems NEW--these are the ones on the cover.
29. p. 103 Under the Stars, Skeeters
30. p. 108 Frames with a Flourish
31. p. 109 Card Games NEW, Game Night NEW, In the Cards NEW
32. p. 111 Boho Backgrounds
33. p. 128 Classic Stripes
34. p. 143 Please Come

Anyway, there you go.


Christine said...

You are so talent. They look great.

Jenn said...

It's so fun to see your work after talking about it at the temple so often. I guess I just never thought that someone had to draw the stamps. I love them! Keep posting more!

I'm coming to the temple tomorrow night, so hopefully I'll see you there!

Lori Sume said...

Thanks. you are so nice to say that. Jenn, that will be fun to see you on thursday. I am excited for Janice...Yes i heard.

Erin said...

You amaze me!!

OK... I was being nosy and read your comment to Jenn... what's the news??? Please do share! :)

Lori Sume said...

Jenn is our new assistant coordinator at the temple. she will be so great. Vickie is too busy with work to do all the extra stuff that comes with being coordinator...though happily she will stay on our shift. erin, we still wish you were on our shift!!!! i miss you and patrick.

Lori Sume said...

oops- i meant janice is our new assistant coordinator.

Charlet said...

i've always said you are amazing!