Monday, January 12, 2009

A Good Message to Remember

So I saw this California license-plated semi truck in Orem on Saturday at Smith's. No where on the truck was it written what company this semi drove for at all. But I appreciated the message it is sending out as it drives its cargo here and there on the roads... or sits in a store parking lot. Good for them whoever put that message on the sides and back of the truck. I appreciate it.


Julie Baldwin said...

That is the best EVER!!!!!!

Lori Sume said...

Yes- I SO agree!!!!!

Shannon Moedl said...

Lori - A "blast from your past..." I was thinking a random thought today, "When I get around to writing my book, I want Lori Sume to illustrate it. I wonder if she's still around."

I googled you and voila! There you were. I live in Draper, have two kids (9 and 6), still work for Alpine School District (this is year 27), and saw Karil and her little ones on New Years day.

How the heck are you? I noticed a few years ago that Alpine is still using your Super Saturdays and Knowledge Bowl artwork. And you are a professional illustrator. Congratulations. I'm happy for you.

Some day, if I get around to writing that book, I'll be looking you up. Have a great day.

Shannon Nishi Moedl

Lori Sume said...

Shannon, email me. I didn't know karil had kids.

The Tregeagles said...

I love this!