Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pretty Funny!

So my sister Karen and her family do family scripture reading every night. Ben the 8 year old gets his turn to read a scripture. Then Ander the 6 year old. And then Wyatt the 3 year old. Of course Wyatt needs help reading for sure! So then Wyatt always says it is his turn to do it on his own. So he takes the scriptures and asks where he should start reading. Karen points to an area on the page and he begins... "And, verily, Nephi and Adam...." etc. It is hilarious that he says "verily". Just not a little 3 year old's normal word. He makes up his own scriptures but gets some of the words in that are actually in the scriptures. He also makes up his own words too at times.

The funniest Wyatt scripture that she told us about was when Wyatt said, "Hahaha," Joseph Smith said to Jesus. Maybe sounds a little irreverant but I am guessing that Heavenly Father and our Savior have a sense of humor so I could see them laughing with Joseph Smith.

Anyway maybe this post doesn't come across as funny to my faithful readers...but it just made us laugh and laugh. Karen and her husband Alan have to honestly concentrate on not laughing at some of the things their boys do.


Heather said...

It's totally funny! I agree that the Divine MUST have a sense of humor. :-) And kids are the best!! Glad you have such fun times.~

Aaron and Lauren Kammeyer said...

They most DEFINITELY have a sense of humor. :) (Aaron & I comment on that often). Thanks for sharing all your fun moments, Lori!