Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Conveyor Belt Tuesday

Don't you sometimes get thinking about your place in this world? How you fit in. Where you fit in. If you do fit in. Well, if you don't think you fit in sometimes, like I don't at times, I think we all need to remember that we will all be at different stages and accomplishments in life at different times. That's just how it is. It's not like we can go through a conveyor belt all at once and pass off each accomplishment all together. That is not how life is. And I think I was forgetting that this last week. I was feeling so sorry for myself. Yes, I had a pity party for myself. But I guess we all do at times. And it isn't necessarily being envious of another person...it is more that you wished or hoped that your life was different than it is at that moment...especially if you are being reminded at the time that you are feeling left out.

Just some thoughts for Tuesday. But just in case, don't forget to pay attention to your local news for the next "Conveyor Belt" Day.


Nancy and Spencer said...

Lori, you're amazing. Really. You helped shape me in a hard time in my youth. Whether or not you realized it then, You did. Your example and beautiful person encouraged me to choose to be a happy good person. So, thanks for being where you were at that time in MY life for that season you were in it. :)
I love you!

Anonymous said...

You are, for sure, a wonderful person--and I'm glad you fit into my life!

Lori said...

Thanks all. I was having a hard week. But I am OK.