Friday, November 5, 2010

Previous...Precious...a big difference!

So I remembered a situation that happened a few years ago at work. We had returned from a work trip to New York. We always fly out on a Saturday and so Sunday is included as part of our work trip.

I remember emailing my boss Kelly after the trip asking him if I could take an extra day off because we had to work on Sunday... So I basically wrote, "Kelly, because we had to work this previous Sunday, could I take a day off this next week?" I sent off the email and later in the hall he told me that would be fine.

So then about a week or so later, I was going through old emails, cleaning them out of my out box. I happened upon that email I had sent to Kelly. I re-read it and ended up being very embarrassed!... It was just one letter of the alphabet that I messed up on...instead of writing "previous", I had written "precious"!

Oh my goodness! How embarrassing! Don't get me wrong...with my religious beliefs, I do feel that attending church each Sunday is an important part of my week. A sacred day in fact. But I would have NEVER written "precious" to my boss. We both had a good laugh about it when I mentioned it to him after I found the mistake.

Just one letter in the alphabet apparently makes a big difference. So watch your Ps and Qs...or in this case Vs and Cs!!!

Another quick story... So I have just finished a big project of illustrating a book for a friend. The book is being sent to China to be printed. (I know- we should be using U.S.'s resources but it is also more expensive in the U.S.) So I am mentioning this to my sister and her family one day. Not realizing that a little 4 year old boy is paying all that much attention to what I am saying...
He loves to draw and is constantly busy drawing whenever he can. So a few days later, he announced that he is drawing a book too and that it is going to China.

Just thought that was cute.

Happy Friday!