Monday, November 1, 2010


Just a that Halloween is over, Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be coming before we know it. Just thought I'd remind you. Lots to do!
Did you remember to say "rabbit rabbit" this morning so that you could have good luck all month? I remembered. YESSSSS! (That little phrase has to be the first thing out of your mouth on the first day of the month. That's all.)

Oh, I did a happy productive thing this was irritating me that when I wanted to use one of my punches or something to make a card that it was all downstairs! Well... I moved all that stuff upstairs to my computer room this weekend. So great! I even went and bought a set of hard plastic drawers from Target and one drawer is full of my punches. YES! I was planning to hand out little treats to my VTs and counselors this last Sunday and can I tell you how nice it was to just open that drawer and pull out a punch to punch out a little circle to slip the ribbon through on a tag? So convenient! Loved it! Nice!

I still dream of getting a house with a garage some day and every once in a while I dream of having a whole room devoted to art stuff/ computer stuff/ and craft stuff all in the same room. A nice dream that I still plan on having.

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