Thursday, January 27, 2011


Can't believe it is already Thursday! That is amazing. I guess I must be busy this week.

Provo was in a "Jimmer" frenzy last night...and has been for a while...

I just have to say that even though I am not a huge "follow the sports as much as some people" kind of person...I am a way huge BYU fan (whether I watch a game or not) and very happy about this...Fredette scores 43, No. 9 BYU beats No. 4 SDSU

Way to go, Jimmer and team!!!! "San Diego, you got jimmered!" (Jase, I know you were hooting and hollering all over the place last night.)

Our YW and YM went bowling at BYU last night...during the game of the year (info above). Hey, we had it scheduled. And it was just a good feeling to walk into the Wilky. I've always loved BYU campus. Just a good place. Lots of great memories.

Happy Thursday!

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missy said...

Go Cougars!! ;) The game was late here and I was trying to sleep in another room. By the end, it was so loud that I just lay in bed trying to figure out who was winning by the noise. Lots of happy people in our house!