Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh, what a trip!

So, this last Saturday, I had just finished purchasing a cozy soft blanket to have in my livingroom for those cold winter evenings. And it is so cozy too!!! I was at Target. I am walking past all the registers after my purchase and walking along quite smartly (I must say.) with my new non-tread boots on. Maybe a little too smartly as you will find out...because a moment later I was lucky enough to find a wet spot on the floor. Oh, joy!

Oh yes, you can figure out what happened next...I slid on the wet spot. Luckily my feet went behind me and I landed on all fours. I also added the joy of scuffing the toes of my boots. (Not amused by that. Though brown marker mostly covered it up when I got home.)

So, I landed on the floor (Hopefully I looked somewhat cat-like and graceful..but I doubt it.) and quickly picked myself up. My phone was okay (phew!) and I think it helped that I chose to buy that soft, cozy blanket that day to buffer my fall. Though I think it flung out from the side of me so it was no help at all. All I know is that my hair flew all in my face and that must have been a sight. As soon as I righted myself, I quickly looked around to see how many workers and patrons of the store saw my lovely "trip". Didn't seem like too many were around but at least a nice guy asked,"Are you okay?" And I answered, "Oh sure. But my question is, where is the video camera when you need it?" Anyway, I walked out of the store quickly with my dignity semi-intact... ; )

Yes, sign me up for a trip with sand and palm trees...not a trip where you end up looking like some wild animal that should possibly be in some kind of cage that people on vacation might walk by and gawk at. Hey, the Target people got a free trip to a wild animal reserve or a zoo and that most likely wasn't in their plans that day. ; )


Lindsay said...

Love that I get an illustration with the story and I'm surprised more employees didn't rush to help in the fear of getting sued for their wet floor everyone can't trip on :)

Jennifer Taylor said...

Love the illustration also. You have company in the "fell-at-Target" realm. I fell over when I was hugely pregnant with Madison--and I couldn't get up again! I had to stay on the floor until finally someone would come give me a hand--and yet people just walked by, averting their gaze. Yes, that is how ungainly I was before she was born. I had no dignity left whatsoever.