Friday, January 14, 2011

Stepping it up!

Happy Friday!

Which brings me to a thought I usually have on Fridays...I think through all that I am planning to accomplish each weekend. I fill up a post-it note (ah, how I wish I invented those!) and then set forth checking things off.

I always have a big list. Sometimes I am surprised that I don't write down that I am going to save the world or something for all the things that I wish to accomplish.

Oh yes, I do the normal things of running to the grocery store, visit with family, do some working out, cleaning around the house...

But I have deeper goals of things that I want to do
-fixing up my house, doing better at fulfilling what i need to accomplish in what i believe in, working out more consistently, eating more healthy, stuff like that...

(I apparently LOVE the word "amazing". But then I want to eventually be all-encompassing amazing so I guess it all goes hand in hand ; )... but it is a step by step process I am finding.

So maybe what I need to do is...approach it a step at a time with each goal. Maybe I will mull that over this weekend as I dream of all the amazing things I am going to accomplish. ; ) No seriously. I am not amused at myself as I realize that I don't try as hard as I can so maybe I will just start doing something about it. Start climbing those stairs, Lori, step by step! (A little pep talk for myself.)

For all my millions of readers...haha...I hope that you too will accomplish all that you need to or want to this year.

HEALTHY TIP: I heard that coconut milk speeds up your metabolism.

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missy said...

My word verification word below is poomia. Funny, eh? Anyway, I agree. Frustrating to realize you're not really reaching your potential, but when you have a really good day it's addicting!! Sometimes I have so much to do that I don't know where to start. And so I don't. And then I'm even more frustrated. 2011 is my year!! Oh, and thanks for coconut milk tip. Curry (with coconut milk, of course) is my all-time favorite food. I think I'd better eat it more often, don't you? Yummy!