Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Saturday!

And the weekend!

Worked a lot on the kids' book I am illustrating...and still working on it today...
But also got to the track yesterday and ran most of the 5 miles. Woohoo! I wanted to do that today too...but my sis and I went to my mom's this morning...7am...and taped and painted her livingroom and kitchen. A pretty dark caramel color. The white molding, doors, and ceiling really pop now and make the rooms so much warmer. Finished at 2pm.

Now back to the book...till 7pm and then the adult session of Regional Conference and then the general session tomorrow at 10am. Jeffrey R Holland is supposed to be speaking tomorrow. (Squid. A lady I met at the Scera Shell, two summers ago, told me that she grew up with Jeffrey R and that the kids called him Squid. Go figure. She said he was always destined for greatness. Even though they called him "Squid"?)

Off to color the pages... of my 5 page deadline for this week.
AND...let us never forget this day. September 11th. What sad memories of that day 9 years ago.
As I see flags moving gently in the breeze of this sunny September day, I feel sad. All those people who lost their lives. So many lives have been changed since that day. Like a friend said," Let us remember always. Never forget."

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