Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just talking with a friend on Thursday night

I was talking with a friend the other night. She was having a hard week. At first she wouldn't say what was wrong. And then we got talking.

She told me that she is having a hard time being around her friends who are married or are in relationships. That she just feels left out. A kind of third wheel thing.

I told her that anyone would feel that way in that situation. Hard to be single at times. Just watching from the sidelines as you feel life passing you by sometimes.

We had a good talk. I reminded her that Heavenly Father is so aware of all of us. That there is a personal plan for each of us. That she is an amazing person. And that if she is living her life the way she is, doing all that she can do to be a great person like she is, that things will work out for her. Just not always when we expect it or plan for it.

I think she felt better as the evening went along. I let her know that I totally understand her feelings. It was a good talk. I hope she feels better this week.

No matter what our relationship situation in life, we all have tough days at times. Maybe it is a part of our growth as we strive to work towards being the best we can be.

Anyway- I hope D will feel better this week. She is a sweetheart.

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