Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Slow down, please

I got asked to slow down after I apparently drove into the Costco Gas receptacle..."receptacle"? It works. Anyway I was so excited to be able to drive right up that maybe I was going a little fast...but truly not too fast. I think the attendant was bored. He came up to me when I drove up and asked that I drive in a little slower from now on. I told him, "Sure." I was surprised. I have seen others drive in much faster. Oh well. Lesson learned. "Slow down, please."

2 Laurels birthdays in our ward. Their bdays are a day apart. Great girls.
Happy Wednesday-all day! Happy bday to my brother-in-law Troy too! And my friends Heather, Renae, and Marty!

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Ben and Kari said...

I can totally tell who those pictures are of! Good job, Lori!
And I like your gas station story. Who was it at Conference that told us to "slow down?" Don't get so caught up in everything? Good advice