Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Looks are deceiving" Tuesday!

So I know these look like happy shovels...but there was only one involved this morning. In the darkness of the morning (sigh that the days are getting shorter.). I was driving to work, just getting off at my exit...or about to. A truck is trying to get on the freeway so I slow down. It was a ford truck with a flatbed, very long trailer connected to it. So I finally get over. The truck driver is starting to merrily drive along the freeway...oblivious obviously! So a few seconds later I notice sparks coming from under the flatbed...it seems. Nope- it was a flying shovel!!! I guess the driver did not notice it was on his flatbed as he pulled out of his driveway this morning. It was dark after all.

So I noticed the flying shovel coming towards me, flipping all over the place! Hello! I hardly had time to react but was able to swerve a little in the lane I was in and gratefully missed damaging me and my car! SCARY! My heart was pounding for quite a while.
I am alive. And that is what I am grateful for this morning. Lucky the shovel fell along the edge of the freeway so it could get any other motorists. I wonder if the truck driver wonders where his shovel is. Oh well.

Besides that exciting moment...my weekend was good. I got a lot done. And attended two BBQs and a fun little concert. And I drew A LOT! Woohoo! Now on to this week. Lots to do. I think my life will be out of control busy for the next 2 months at least. But it is all good.

Happy Tuesday! Tip: don't get hit by a shovel on the freeway.


Jared and Ché said...

scary!! Once I hit a pig driving along bangerter... Watch out for those too. :)

Lori said...

a pig????? oh my!