Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray for Thursday

Thursdays are great days in my book. I get to go work at the temple after work. I get to feel the calm and peace and the spirit there and serve others while I am there. Perfect. And I get to appreciate so many things because of it.

I am thankful.

(I know---no drawing today...busy trying to figure out an assignment at work today.)

An email from my sister Debbie today...about her son...
So while I go downstairs to kiss the girls, Marcus is always working on some little project. Tonight when I came upstairs he had an old lotion bottle and asked me if I wanted to try his "secret recipe" on my arm. Of course I was a bit wary and suspicious. His inventions can be dangerous.
"Does it have any chemicals in it?", I ask.
"No, Mom, just lotion and water. And a few other special things."
"Like what?"
"Some toothpaste. Because just in case the cavities jumped from your mouth to your arm, then you could kill them."
"Ok, Is that all that's in it?"
"Also some chocolate sprinkles. Because in case you ate it, it wouldn't taste totally terrible. "

I love little boys. Never a dull moment.


Laura said...

Oh, that boy needs to meet my boy! They'd get along famously. How funny!

Ben and Kari said...

Oh that is so cute! I love little boys too, much more than I ever thought I would