Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome to Costco! Please enter your password.

A drawing from a couple of years ago for my Christmas card. One of my twin nieces.
So my 4 year old nephew is a nut!
My sister went to Costco with him yesterday and they do their shopping. As they wait in line, he says, out of the blue,"Welcome to Costco! Please enter your password." My sister was just looking at him...though we are used to him coming up with odd comments at times. Other customers listened in a little. He then told his mom to say,"Friendly Mushroom Squirrel." Karen said it quietly so as not to command onlookers. My nephew then said,"Please say it louder!" Karen again said it but this time a little louder. People around her smiled. Again he prompted her to say it a little louder. He then said," Please spell What the heck." (We have no idea where he got that saying considering not a soul in our family has ever said that.) And he then asked my sister for a dollar. Oh, he was on a roll! Nutty little 4 year old. At least the people standing in line weren't bored. Where he comes up with this stuff...we are not sure. But he makes us laugh.

Happy Friday! Working away on the book. And helping out family today. A day off...but is it really? Well maybe from my 9-5 job.

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