Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Almost made $50 bucks Tuesday

Driving to work in the dark, you have to be extra careful...flying shovels, items in general out on the road...but you also have to watch out for early morning runner people...Yep, I almost made $50 bucks...the light had turned yellow and I was already starting to go through so I quickly zipped through the light and was making a left turn and there was a runner guy just barely crossing the road. No way would he get across before it was a VERY red light but needless to say I had to stop for him of course...and for the record, was glad to stop. Hey guy, put some reflectors on your clothes or arms or something. Just a tip there for him. And another tip, probably not a good idea to cross the road when the light will be red in about 3 seconds. He may be a fast runner but not that fast.

(The $50 bucks idea was something that as kids we came up with saying that we could make an easy $50 by running someone over on our bikes...not that we ever really wanted to nor that we did. But that was the idea... Silly kids that we were and still are!)

And no, the purple in the little quick sketch is not a reflector purple color...

Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you didn't collect that $50. It would have come with a little extra baggage. I don't "get" people who run in the dark without reflectors.