Friday, October 1, 2010

Rabbit, Rabbit Friday! And a Who.

I drew this owl a while back. And a reading program in the East wants to use it for their book bags. Kind of fun. Who-who!

Did you remember to say "rabbit, rabbit"? First thing this morning before you said anything else? Well if you did, you have good luck all this month! Enjoy! Or better luck next month...

Good job, Paula!

Happy Friday! I am going to get so much done this weekend! And it is Conference weekend! Love listening to our amazing prophet and our leaders. I learn so much. And the whole weekend has an amazing spirit and feeling about it. And I always listen better when I am I hope to get a lot of drawing done also. It is funny because when I was a child, General Conference seemed to last forever. Now I listen to every word and the time speeds by. Too quickly it is over for another 6 months.

Happy weekend! We have fun stuff planned for my dear friend and boss at work for Monday. It will be a fun day. Enjoy the anticipation, Miss P!

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Andrea said...

LOVE the owl!! So cute!