Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"I feel upside down" Wednesday

Something is wrong with that...if I am more tired when I wake up. Can I hire an assistant? Right now with a mega freelance job, my mega church assignment (It feels like it just because there is a lot to remember and coordinate.), work, and family--my mind is going a million different directions. I wish I could accomplish some of the things while I am sleeping! Nothing to show for it when I get up in the morning other than I am still tired. And my working out is being effected too. Not too consistent. Not good. Maybe I am tired when I wake up because I have dreams about accomplishing some of my tasks...and if that is the case, I wish I could remember what those tasks are that I have apparently completed at night. Because then I could take them off my to-do list! : )

Ah well. I will survive. I can never say I am bored and that is nice. Though a little boredom/downtime could be a nice thing... Bye for now, I think I will just lay my head down at my desk for a few minutes...

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