Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday and 10-10-10 coming!

Happy Friday! And get really excited because Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving!

Now on to the 10-10-10...
This Sunday marks the tenth day of the tenth month of 2010 (10-10-10 for short). Ten being the number of perfection.

The number ten has long been meaningful in religions and cultures around the world. Yet, most modern readers do not stop to count these clusters of ten, even though they can be conveniently counted on the fingers of their own two hands. Readers of the Book of Mormon have special cause to take note of the things that happen ten times in that book. While Benjamin, or Alma, or Nephi may have been aware of these perfect instances, one may be assured that Joseph Smith or Oliver Cowdery were not checking off on a ten-point punch list as they experienced these ten-fold repetitions while translating and transcribing the Book of Mormon.

These instances of ten can be organized and analyzed in several ways. It seems appropriate to approach this phenomenon under ten headings: perfection, worthiness, consecration, testing, justice, reverence, penitence, atonement, supplication, and ascension into the holy of holies or highest degree of heaven.

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Carrick Family said...

10-10-10 is my 25th birthday! That's neat to think about the meaning of numbers, colors, and symbols in our lives. Thanks for all your posts.