Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Tuesday even though Peru cancelled

So our YW/YM activity is tomorrow night...and Peru just cancelled. The presenter has a class assignment tomorrow night he didn't know about. SIGH. Kind of hard when a country cancels on you at the last minute. Oh well. We will survive. We have 5 other places for the kids to learn about at least. No more cancellations allowed. Please.

I had a lazy night last night. Should have worked on some things...but it doesn't hurt to have a night off once in a while after my crazy schedule the last two months.

Happy Tuesday! And, yes, I know it is a geeky turtle above. In a hurry. ;)

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GRAMS said...

Oh it's too bad Josh is over in Yemen right now. He spent 3 summers in Peru on anthropological digs and would loved to have stepped in. At least his mother would have volunteered him.