Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Alien Tuesday

Some days do you feel like an alien? Sometimes maybe you don't feel like you fit in? I am not trying to tell anyone that I feel that way. I am truly fine and well-adjusted. And very grateful for all that I have. I just think sometimes that we get into situations where we might feel a little awkward or out of place. Now that happens to me at times for sure. But that is life. And we all want to feel accepted. Maybe a little lack of self-worth I would think. Anyway...I got onto this topic because I posted an alien...as you can see. I think he is a cute little guy. I doubt he has a problem with self-worth.
Happy Tuesday. Big gray cloud hanging in the sky this morning. I hope it blows away. It should because it was windy enough coming into work today for sure.


Heather said...


I agree -- we need to be a lot kinder and accepting of ourselves. :-)

Laura said...

I like that little alien a lot. Very cute!