Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy's a good day!

Congrats to Che' and Jared. We love little Finley Robert! Happy 3 weeks old!
The temple was great last night. Love it there. Oh, and I saw Julie and Devin last night at the temple. So fun! Julie, your hair is even cuter in person. Sorry I couldn't visit at the time I saw you. And Devin, I was walking out as I saw you. Good to see you guys. I love seeing people I know at the temple. It's the best! (Thanks to Cameron for making sure I saw you guys...but I already had. Hah!)
Here is a sketch of my friend Jennifer's son Bonden. What a cutie. I am off to meet Jennifer and Beth for lunch today. Fun day!

Happy Friday! I have the day off!

And I am excited for my friend Sherrie and her husband Alan who have just been called to be temple workers in the Vancouver Temple! So exciting for them. And my mom's friend Joyce will also work there. It will be a great blessing in their lives for sure. I know that I am blessed with my service at Mt Timp.


The Tregeagles said...

What an adorable little baby...ah!

Heather said...

I love reading your blog . . . it's so uplifting and happy! Cute baby pic and drawing~