Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Klonk & Tuesday

Oh joy...I am driving down good ol' I-15 going home yesterday and I am behind a semi. Don't like being near them to be honest anyway. So...all of a sudden a flippy long bendy piece of something comes flying out from under the semi. Of course I have no time to react...And the flippy METAL piece of something goes under my car and klonks it! EEK! Then it flies out past me too and proceeds to reek havoc on other unsuspecting motorists I would assume! Anyway I got into the slow lane and kept watching for a trail of fluid or something from my car. But gratefully there was nothing and my car also continued and continues to run smoothly. Goodness! Can't those semi trucks keep their pieces of metal to themselves I ask you? Scary! When I got home I looked under the car on all sides and it seems to all be in one piece and again when I left for work this morning it seems to be okay. I hope my car is not a magnet for any other forms of flipping metal on the freeway!

So sometimes I wish I could be a person that could wear really tall pointy shoes. Or at least act like I am a person that could pull that off. Ah well. I only go up to 3 inch tall heels and certainly not a pointy toe or very narrow heel. Just not natural for me. But sometimes I wonder how I would be if I could pull off shoes like that. Maybe it is a good thing I can't. I really have no time to be lounging by a pool and flipping through fashion magazines anyway. And it seems like if one wears shoes like that, that they do spend a lot of time lounging and flipping...but in reality they probably don't. (Hmmm, I do encounter "flipping"...that is with long strips of metal that semi trucks spew out from their underneaths!)

Ah well. I can look at the pretty shoes at least. And then get back to my normal and totally great life. And really hope I am not a "flipper"...especially when it comes to stray long pieces of metal on the freeway!

Happy Tuesday! It's a rainy one for us.

And happy birthday to my cute dad today. I love you and miss you. (Jase, hug Dad for us.)


Laura said...

I'm not a fancy shoe wearer either, but I have a daughter who would love to wear those shoes you drew, I think! Glad your car is okay. Scary!

Robert said...

You sure the metal came from the truck or did he do just what you did & ran over it ? the person behind you probably blamed you just as you blamed a big truck. That's how bad publicity get's started.

Heather said...

SCARY about the truck. Glad you're okay. And love the shoes!