Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Too busy of a day

Crazy afternoon. Went to get my car checked after its fun on the road yesterday. It is fine. Phew. Next I am off to the track...but black clouds cut my work out short. Then off to the beloved Costco for some much needed groceries. And gas for the car. And then I decided to run over to the Costco tire center bay to get my air pressure on the tires checked...and alas, a nail was living in my tire. Rude. So I then proceed to wander the aisles of Costco for 2 hours waiting in line for 5 cars ahead of me. I have now taken new inventory on what Costco has to offer. Then I went to get my car at the counter and gratefully since the tires are quite new, I only had to pay the difference on the tire for the use I had put into it. Truly the tires are only a few months old. And then off to Cafe Rio to grab a salad since I was starving.

The end of a crazy couple of days. And now I hear the rain pouring down out there. Good. My lawn needs it and my flowers.

Good night.

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